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BBQ: No excuses…

Welcome to NoExcusesBBQ, live (more or less) from the beautiful Pacific NorthWet.  Not the sort of place that comes to mind when someone mentions BBQ, but home to a few dedicated (and waterproof) BBQ afficianados.  Up here we aren’t snooty about the regional history of our BBQ, mainly because there isn’t much to speak of.  You got Lewis and Clark, a few local Indian tribes, and that’s about it.  As such, pretty much anything goes when it comes to regional flavors.  Some folks specialize in Texas BBQ, some in Kansas City style, and a few in Memphis and other Southern styles (although I’ve yet to find any Carolina BBQ, North, South, or otherwise).  Some of us dabble in all styles; that’s what you will find here.

Barbeque vs. Grilling

Ok, real barbeque (or barbecue, for those that don’t like variant spellings) is arguably only done in an indirect fashion over hardwood smoke and everything else is grilling.  At least that is the prevailing notion in the Southern United States.  Did I mention that we are in the Pacific NorthWet?

This is about as far as you can get from the Southern United States and still be in the contiguous 48.  As such, our definition of barbeque is food cooked outdoors with real fire and smoke from wood and/or charcoal.  It is both a noun and a verb for those of you that are members of the grammar police, and will be used accordingly.

Hereafter we will refer to this process and the food cooked using it as BBQ and give details on if we are grilling (directly over the flame), indirect cooking (generally on a BBQ grill, but not directly over the flame), and smoking (low heat, slow, indirect, and smokey).  Oh, and to our friends in the UK: a heat source over the food constitutes broiling, not grilling.  If we want to broil something, we’ll do it indoors and in a proper oven.  It won’t be discussed here…

Charcoal vs. Gas

The only gas on this site is that emitted by the author after eating and/or drinking, and I promise we won’t discuss that anymore.  If you want to grill with gas and are looking for tips on this site, go no further as you are wasting your time.  BBQ without real smoke is just outdoor cooking and we won’t speak of it again.  You want to know more about this style of cooking, Google Bobby Flay and click on the results…

What’s cookin’?

If you want to know more about what we’re cooking, check out the home page for the latest blog posting or the “Recipes” tab in the navigation section to your right.  These will be updated frequently, so check back often if you don’t find what you are looking for right away.  Over time we will add more to the site, such as links to other BBQ sites on the web, gear reviews, and other such BBQ-related tomfoolery.  Who knows, we might even do a restaurant review from time to time…

Other Stuff You Might or Might Not Care About

Why are you doing this?

Because it combines my love of BBQ with the geeky side of my nature.  And because there aren’t enough good BBQ sites and blogs out there.  And because it forces me to be accountable.  And lastly, just because it is fun.  There isn’t enough fun in the world, and I’m going to insure I get my share.

Can I come over for dinner?

Only with my wife’s permission.  Don’t just show up without calling, and make sure you bring something for dessert if you want to get invited back.

What does SWMBO stand for?

She Who Must Be Obeyed.  This is my lovely wife, who occasionally reads this and (hopefully) still has a since of humor.  Hi Dear…

How long should I cook stuff?

Preferably until it’s done. To be on the safe side, use a good thermometer (we like the instant read digital variety, specifically the Super-Fast Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer) and refer to an approved reference (like this one) for the correct internal temperature.

Can I reprint your stuff on my website?

Not without asking nicely first, and not without providing attribution as stated in our Creative Commons License. If you wish to link to the original (without posting it in its entirety) then knock yourself out; we actually appreciate this sort of attention. However, we abhor those who seem to think that “because it is on the Internet we can steal it fully and freely” and will pursue any violations to the fullest extent possible. This includes the use of lawyers and the court system as necessary.

Standard Disclaimer

I write this blog for fun and entertainment, primarily my own. And I have opinions, many of which I share freely. Those that know me well know not to ask for one if they aren’t prepared to hear it. I don’t claim to be an expert in this field (although I do have lots of experience) and other’s opinions may differ. I know my wife’s certainly do.

Having said that, I try to keep my reviews independent, unbiased, and free of conflicts of interest. As such, our policies for reviews are as follows:

  • If we did not pay full retail price for a product being reviewed, I will explicitly state that in the review.
  • Unless explicitly stated, I have no affiliation or relationship with the supplier of a product being reviewed.
  • Acceptance of a free sample does not guarantee a review. I generally follow a “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all” rule of thumb. If I like a product, I’ll review it. If not, I’m not going to embarrass a supplier (unless they really want me to, which happens rarely).

Also know that during my normal course of posting I will link to products, services, and businesses from time to time. We may or may not get paid if you purchase something as a result of clicking on those links. I’m not going to disclose every single affiliate link as that would become tedious, but know that I won’t get paid on anything I don’t personally use or recommend as a result of my own experience.