Pacific NorthWet

pacificnorthwetThat’s right, the Pacific NorthWet.  No, not a typo; if you’ve lived through a winter here you know what I am talking about. For those of you that haven’t, here’s a hint: it takes water leaking from the skies on a pretty regular basis to make all that green.

NoExcusesBBQ is located in Clark County, WA, just over the border from Portland, OR.   Here is some annual weather info for the area that we call home (direct from the Clark County newcomers and vistors FAQ):

Does it really rain all the time?

Although winter rains can inspire some residents to pursue tropical getaways, these weather systems also prevent the extreme cold experienced by many other areas of the country. Overall, Clark County enjoys a mild climate, thanks to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Cascade mountains to the east. The seasons are well-defined, but they transition into each other very gradually.

The average annual temperature in the county is approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Average low-elevation temperatures range from mid to upper 30s in January to the mid to upper 60s in July. The average growing season on the county’s western plains ranges from 154 days at Battle Ground to 178 days at La Center and 222 days at Vancouver.

Seventy percent of the county’s precipitation falls between November and March. Rainfall amounts vary quite a bit, ranging from about 38 inches in Vancouver to almost 80 inches in Yacolt. Mountainous areas in northeastern Clark County can receive more than 120 inches of rain annually. Average annual snowfall ranges from about 7 inches in Vancouver to several feet in the mountains, although snow does not happen every year. Prevailing winds over most of the county are northwesterly during the summer and southeasterly during the winter.

FWIW, we live at the base of one of those northeastern mountainous areas mentioned above, so we are on the high side of the rainfall averages, and it is generally colder in the winter.  We are high enough that we get snow 4-5 times per year, but because of where we are in relation to the Columbia Gorge we are sheltered from most winds.  Not the most ideal BBQ location, but hey, No Excuses…