Hello BBQ world!

by zydecopaws on January 2, 2009

bbqsnowWelcome to NoExcusesBBQ.com, where the grill is smoking regardless of the weather.  About the only thing that stops us from BBQing is that darn thing called a job (you know, that thing that pays for the ability to do all this).  Our goal is to BBQ at least once a week and post the results.  Along the way we’ll discuss gear, share some recipes, and point you to some other great BBQ sites on the web.  So sit back, prepare to drool, and feel free to add us to your RSS feeds.

In case you were wondering, that dirty white stuff behind the kettle is snow.  Remember, no excuses…  This particular cooking session was an impromptu dinner at the end of December.  In a way, this was one of the drivers behind creating this site.  It occurred to me that I have been BBQing in all kinds of weather since we moved to the Pacific NorthWet several years ago, and I was somewhat annoyed that I had been using weather as an excuse to not indulge in one of my favorite pastimes.  No more.  Accountability begins here and continues into the future.

My family and friends are not disappointed by this turn of events…

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