Other People’s Stuff: The BBQ Grail

by zydecopaws on April 15, 2009

bbqgraillogoAnother BBQ blog worth checking out is over at The BBQ Grail.  BBQGrail (Larry) is another of the BBQ-Brethren, and he recently gave his site a facelift, so even if you’ve been there before it’s worth going back for another look.  His site is chock full of recipes, pictures, and other BBQ-related information in the tradition of down home, low & slow BBQ.

He doesn’t have it posted on his blog yet, but I have it on good authority that he has been selected by foodbuzz to participate in their next 24, 24, 24 challenge.  I hear tell that his theme has something to do with bacon, bacon, and more bacon, so go over and see what he has up his sleeve.  Don’t forget to tell him the Zydecopaws from No Excuses BBQ sent you…

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