Smokin’ Hamburgers

by zydecopaws on April 18, 2009

img_0463What do you have for lunch while you are waiting for some pork butts to cook on the WSM?  If you spend too much time on the BBQ-Brethren forums, you get ideas, and if you have ground beef in the house, you get to thinking about smoking a burger.

Turns out that if you have the time, this is a superior way to cook a burger.  The smoke flavor permeates the meat, and you don’t even have to turn them over during the cook.  If you time it right, the cover doesn’t come off the smoker too often and you can use the opportunity to check whatever else it is you are cooking (or baste the butts, in today’s case).

The burgers were about 1/3 lb. each prior to cooking.  They were formed by hand, pressed down to just under an inch thick, and sprinkled with garlic salt, mesquite grill seasoning, and a dash of chili powder.  They were put on the smoker next to the butts; the smoker was running at about 215°F for most of the time they were on the grill.  About 45 minutes later they were about 140°F to 145°F in the center, and received a slice of cheddar cheese while the buns were being prepared.  In the time it took to get that done, the cheese had completely melted and soaked into the burger (except for what little dripped off the sides).

I can safely say that if this was faster, I would never bother with grilling a burger again as the taste was out of this world.  I’m thinking this could also be turned into sliders and used as appetizers with a crowd…

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