More Sausages

by zydecopaws on April 21, 2009

img_0479Did I mention that the chicken-apple sausages come in packages of 16?  Half of them were in the refrigerator still following last Thursday’s mid-week grilling adventure (OK, maybe it wasn’t that thrilling) and begging to be eaten.  Who am I to argue with a chicken-apple sausage, much less 8 of ’em?

On the grill:

Once again the Weber OTG was put into service.  The chicken-apple sausages were cooked the same way as last week, which was grilled and then combined on a french roll with some grilled onions and peppers.  SWMBO suggested we vary the grill fries and use a combination of olive oil, granulated garlic, a little salt, and some rosemary.  The rosemary got a spice grinder treatment and was mostly powder by the time it made it to the potatoes.  Apparently this was a take-off on something the local Burgerville had recently; I wouldn’t know as I missed out on that trip.  They did turn out pretty tasty, although next time I will add a bit more salt.

Dessert was grilled bananas, as always a nice treat to end the meal.  After that, it was sit back and enjoy the evening…

Vital Statistics:

  • BBQ Start time: 17:05
  • Meal time: 18:10
  • Temperature:     76°F
  • Dew Point:     33°F
  • Humidity:    21%
  • Wind:    NW at 4mph
  • Daily Precip.:    0.00 in

Tonight we ate on the deck for the first time.  Ever.  It helps that the new mascot is being trained properly; other than the object lesson that was a sandwich roll, dinner was very uneventful after she found out she wasn’t pack leader and the goodies on the table didn’t belong to her.  After a couple of corrections, she settled down, turned away from the table (and the remains of the sandwich roll), and pretty much ignored us.  Perfect manners from the pooch.  I guess that means we will be “eating out” more often in the future…

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