Smoking on a Sunday

by zydecopaws on April 26, 2009


Sunday’s were made for smoking, and since I set the expectation yesterday, today was all about filling up the WSM (and the refrigerator with leftovers)…

On the grill:

No grilling today; it’s been awhile since I did some nice slow cooking and I was seriously in need of a good smoke.  And a good smoke it was.  The main course was pulled chicken, if for no other reason than it makes excellent leftovers for during the week.  I modified the recipe somewhat as I didn’t have any rib rub made up (guess that means that ribs are on the menu in the near future again).  I used a variation of the pulled pork spices by grinding some fresh black pepper with some crushed red pepper and combining that mixture with some granulated garlic and chili powder.  The chicken went in the marinade pan and was given a good coating and allowed to sit while the smoker was heating up.

The WSM was fired up and brought to 225°F and left there for the remainder of the cook.  Today was one of those days when everything just goes well; I was able to set the temp once and didn’t have to mess with the vents again for the entire time food was on.  The chicken went on the lower grill about 11:30 and was done done to a turn by 14:30.  It came off, sat in a bowl for about 10 minutes, and was then pulled to shreds.  It was a bit spicier than normal, which I suspect was a result of overdoing the black pepper.   However, it was still very tasty when paired with some store-bought KC BBQ sauce and piled on a hamburger bun.

Speaking of hamburgers, SWMBO was complaining about missing out on the smoked burgers I made last week. So out of the freezer came the ground beef, and onto the smoker it went (after a quick defrost bath in one of the coolers).  A quick sprinkling of chili powder and mesquite seasoning, on with the lid, and 30 minutes later it was ready for cheese.  The burgers seemed to cook quicker today than they did last week; I think it had something to do with the smoker being dialed in and having very little variation in cooking temps.  The burgers were as tasty as they were last week, and were much appreciated by the wife and kids.  She had hers sans bun and with some sauteed mushrooms and garlic; the kids and I did the traditional thing with mustard, catsup, pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce on a standard hamburger bun.  Now that’s what I call lunch…

I was originally planning on making a meatloaf before hamburgers went on the menu for lunch.  I had thawed a chub of sausage with that in mind, and not wanting to refreeze or have the sausage sitting around in the refrigerator (uncooked), I decided it was time for a fatty.  What the heck, there was still room on the smoker.  And since there was a bunch of mini peppers that made their way home from Costco the other day, I figured I might as well stuff them both the same.  Stuffed peppers require bacon, so out of the freezer came a package.  Knowing that I wouldn’t use the whole thing with peppers, and since I was in the freezer anyway, MOINK Balls were suddenly on the menu as well.  See, there was a perfectly logical explanation for why all this food got cooked today…

The stuffing for the fatty and the stuffed mini peppers was some sauteed onions, garlic, peppers, and mushrooms mixed with some shredded mozzarella cheese.  The peppers were stuffed and then wrapped with bacon, stabbed with toothpicks, sprinkled with some mesquite seasoning, and placed on the smoker.  The rest of the stuffing mix went into the fatty, a couple of slices of bacon were added (just because), and the fatty was rolled up and put on the smoker with the peppers.  MOINK was prepared per normal instructions, and on the smoker they went.  The burgers actually went on after all this, and pretty much filled up the rest of the available space.

The peppers and MOINK were done about 13:30, and the fatty shortly after (internal temp of 170°F).  Today the MOINK was glazed with Apricot Pepper Jelly from Columbia Empire Farms, and as usual was a big hit with everyone.   We now have enough food to last us for the next few days without having to do any serious cooking, although I would imagine I will find a reason to heat up a grill in the next day or so anyway.

Vital Statistics:

  • BBQ Start time: 11:00-ish
  • Meal time: pretty much all afternoon
  • Temperature:     57°F
  • Dew Point:     27°F
  • Humidity:    37%
  • Wind:    SW at 4mph
  • Daily Precip.:    0.00 in

The day started out cloudy and stayed that way until I was done cooking.  Then the sun came out and things started to warm up.  Typical spring day for around here…

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