History of MOINK and other bacon delights

by zydecopaws on April 27, 2009

MOINK from BBQGrail

Great post by Larry over at BBQGrail. Not only does he go into the history of MOINK (yep, he started it), he has some other great recipes based on his unique heritage. And of course, they all include bacon (everybody’s favorite, c’mon, admit it).

His menu consisted of:

  • MOINK Balls Appetizers
  • Southern Shrimp & Pea Salad w/cracklings
  • English Bacon & Cheddar Bread
  • Southern Style Smothered Chicken w/bacon and lemon slices
  • Southern Style Sauteed Green Beans w/bacon and shallots
  • Irish Colcannon
  • Southern Red Velvet Cake w/bacon cream cheese frosting
  • Pecan, Brown Sugar, Bacon Ice Cream

I can safely say I haven’t had bacon in cake or ice cream.  Yet.

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