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by zydecopaws on January 17, 2009

bbqinventory1I suppose before I get to many posts into this I should share some of my obsession as it relates to BBQ hardware.  Over the years I have tried a lot of different grills, many of which are still hanging around somewhere, and many of which have gone the way of the dinosaur.  My current stable of BBQs (at least those that get used regularly) include a Weber Ranch Kettle (affectionately known as the Mothership), a 22.5″ Weber One-Touch Gold, a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker (old-style, a new 22.5″ model is on order from Amazon), and 3-18.5″ Weber Smokey Joe Platinum grills.  It appears that Weber isn’t making the Smokey Joe Platinums anymore; I guess I better hang onto them as someday they might be a collectors item (more about this later).

mothershipOk, I know you are telling yourself that this guy is some sort of closet Weber sales dude.  I’m not, but I do get a small commission from Amazon if you happen to click on one of the links above and buy a grill.  What can I say?  I gotta pay for the site hosting fees somehow…

Seriously, I’ve owned a lot of grills over the years, and the Webers have consistently outperformed (and outlasted) all the other brands I have tried.  That’s not to say there aren’t other good grills out there, but for my money, I’m sticking with what works.

I mentioned collectors items above; I have a variety of Pyromid Stoves that I purchased several years ago and don’t use very often anymore.  One of these days I will pull them out, fire them up, cook up something tasty and provide pictures and comments about them.  For now I will simply say that they aren’t available for sale anymore (except occasionally on eBay) and seem to be fairly rare.  They operate on a lot less fuel that a normal BBQ, aren’t much good for indirect cooking, no good for smoking, but pretty handy for tailgating, camping, and emergencies.

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