Memorial Day Memories and MOINK

by zydecopaws on May 25, 2009


In honor of Memorial Day we got together with a bunch of friends and family at a local park, cooked up a bunch of food, and generally had a good time watching kids run all over the place.  Some may criticize this sort of activity as trivializing the day and turning it into just another 3-day weekend, but my take on it is that the reason we have the freedom and ability to do this is because of the sacrifices made by those who have fought and died in the name of freedom.  We honor their sacrifice by doing the very things they fought to preserve, while remembering why it is we can enjoy a day like today.

As “chief grillmaster” today, it was my job to provide grills, charcoal, and cooking expertise for about 25-30 people (I’m not sure we ever got an accurate count), and do it all on two Weber Smokey Joe Platinum grills.  To make matters more interesting, I decided that MOINK was on the menu as our contribution to the side dishes.

I haven’t done MOINK on the smaller grills before, so the first challenge I ran into was grill space for 40 MOINK.  For reference purposes, if your coals are spread so that they cover half the grill you can get roughly 24 on one of the Smokey Joes without cramming them too close together.  Consequently I had the second grill fired up within minutes of finding this out, and the MOINK was served in two batches.  They cooked faster than on the smoker (not surprising), and they disappeared so fast after being removed from the grill that the only pictures I had of them was when they were first put together and again right after they hit the first grill.

This “no time for pictures” theme continued throughout the day.  Once the MOINK came off, on went burgers, hot dogs, and brats.  About the time those slowed down, some chicken breasts showed up.  The final count was somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 hot dogs, 32 burgers, 7 brats, 5 chicken breasts, and the remainder of the chili from the other night.  Apparently none of this really happened though, because the only pictures I got were of some MOINK.

In spite of the imaginary status, everyone seemed to enjoy the food that you don’t get to see here.  I got no complaints and a lot of compliments, especially for the chicken breasts which didn’t get turned into shoe leather.  All in all, not a bad day, and my wife is happy that my clothes aren’t so dirty they have to be prewashed…

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