Kingsford Score

by zydecopaws on May 26, 2009


Some days you just get lucky; today was one of those.  On the way home from the dentist (just a cleaning) I remembered hearing that Home Depot was having a sale on Kingsford blue bag charcoal.  Although I would rather have the competition variety, I’ve used the standard blue bag for years with good results, so I thought I would swing by Home Depot on the way home.

I walk in the store, and sure enough, there are a couple of pallets out in front of the grill section marked at $8.97 per 21-pound 2-packs.  This is about 7 bucks per 2-pack cheaper than the normal price we pay, so I grab a flat cart and proceed to load it up with a dozen 2-packs.  I thought about getting more, but I didn’t have the truck with me, and I was concerned about available dry storage space.

So after tracking down some expanded metal for another project I have in mind, off I go to the cash register with my flat cart filled with 500 pounds of charcoal.  And, not surprisingly, the total amount comes out to a lot more than expected.  Sure enough, the sale ended yesterday, and even though the signs were still out with the sale prices, the computerized registers are all updated with the regular price.

Here is where this story has a happy ending, both for me and Home Depot.  The cashier immediately got on the phone, made a couple of calls, and got a manager over to void the original charges.  They then gave me the briquets on the flat cart for the sale price with no complaints and no hassles.  About the only thing that would have been better would be if they had let me go back and get more briquets at the sale price.  Apparently, they had someone already racing to take down the sale prices following the first call the cashier made.

Home Depot has now moved higher up the list on my sources for all things home and garden.  They had slipped down considerably over time due to silly store policies, poor inventory control, and general lack of knowledge by store personnel.  Apparently the economic downturn has had an impact on them to the point they are paying attention to what is important to their customers again.  Now if only the local store’s parking lot were easier to navigate…

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