Pizza, Part Duh

by zydecopaws on May 29, 2009

Following last nights pizza debacle, stubbornness (and the other two pizza doughs in the refrigerator) set in and steps were taken to profit from experience.  A quick trip was made to the local Cash & Carry, pizza pans were procured, and pizza was back on the menu again tonight.  The good news was that the pans kept it from turning into another night eating pizza shaped like a country somewhere in Europe.

The crusts were swapped as pineapple was going on pizza number 2 with the pork tenderloin, and other than a bit of bickering about placement of onions and insistence on olives being on a portion of pizza 2, they were the same as last night.  Except they ended up being round.  And evenly cooked.  And overall much improved.

You can see the results for yourself, check out the pictures below.  The pans made a huge difference and are now part of the cooking arsenal going forward.  Now all that is left to do is to figure out the right charcoal configuration in the kettle so that the stone isn’t needed, and start making our own dough so that the entire pizza is homemade.  From there, it will be onto personal size pizzas in quantity on the Ranch Kettle, and possibly figure out how to add an upper rack so that several pies can be cooked at the same time.  I foresee a pizza party coming up sometime this summer…

Since today was a repeat of yesterday, only warmer, once again I won’t bore the readers with our beautiful weather statistics.

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