Ribeye Saturday

by zydecopaws on May 30, 2009


Today is a steak day.  I spent all day doing yard work, and half of it was on the foreclosed neighboring property so that we could see the cars coming down the road when we pull out.  The only way to reclaim the day at this point is to fire up the Performer and get to grilling.

On the grill:

  • Ribeye Steaks
  • Grilled Potatoes and Onions
  • String Beans in Foil

I find it ironic that the ribeyes were the prime attraction tonight, and spent the least amount of time on the grill.  Life’s funny that way…  At any rate, the ribeyes were lightly dusted with some McCormick BBQ seasoning mix, Montreal Chicken seasoning mix (goes well with beef too), and a splash or two of soy sauce.  They were cooked directly over the flames with the cover on the kettle until they were done according to personal tastes in the household; I like my steaks rare to medium-rare, everybody else seems to prefer medium to medium well.  Rather than guess when things are done (which I did for so many years) I put my orange Thermapen to work, and took off the steaks when they were between 140°F and 155°F.  They continued to cook on their way to the table, and were still sizzling when served.

The grilled potatoes were a result of not having any potatoes in the house big enough to be either Trashbag Potatoes or Grill Fries.  They were cut into roughly 1-inch chunks, thrown in a bag with a sweet onion chopped in a similar fashion, and given a bath in olive oil, minced garlic, fresh ground pepper, and Italian seasonings.  Into the grill basket they went, and onto the grill for about 45 minutes.  They got shook up about every 15 to keep those closest to the coals from burning, although some members of my family seem to prefer their potatoes “blackened”.  Go figure…

The string beans in foil were a variation on something I have done for years; I think I learned the original recipe from my father who was the master of foiled foods on the grill.  Tonight I opened two cans of string beans, drained them well, and added some sliced onion, chopped mushrooms, ground pepper, a bit of butter, a splash of white wine, and some dried basil.  They went on the grill at the same time as the potatoes and happily steamed away while everything else was cooking.  Easy as can be, and a great way to dress up canned string beans.

Ribeye is one of my favorite cuts of steak, and tonight’s did not disappoint.  I don’t have them very often due to the high fat content, and these were a real treat.  I guess that makes up for having to weed-whack 200 feet of overgrown road frontage earlier today.  Besides, I had to do something easy tonight, because brisket is on the menu tomorrow, and it will be the first time I’ve ever attempted on in all these years of cooking outdoors.  Tune in tomorrow to see how I did…

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