Cajun Curry Chicken

by zydecopaws on June 2, 2009


Tonight the wife wanted curry, and I had a hankering for some Cajun-spiced food.  So we compromised (happens occasionally) and I cooked up a batch of curry chicken with a Cajun twist.

The chicken breasts received a similar treatment to last night’s cook.  They were liberally dusted on both sides with McCormick Cajun Spice Mix, red chili powder, and some cayenne pepper.  I like some kick in my food. From there, they were tossed on the grill and cooked indirectly until they measured 165°F in the thickest part of the breast.  Even though this method takes longer than directly over the coals, the results are guaranteed to be juicy and moist with no char on the outside.  Besides, I don’t like charred chicken breasts and I have to wait for the veggies to cook anyway.

Speaking of the veggies, tonight’s were a mix of chopped yellow potatoes, carrots, sweet onion, mini-peppers, and fresh cilantro.  And yes, I am aware that cilantro is technically an herb, not a veggie.  While I was at it, I sprinkled on some more Cajun spice mix, garlic salt, and fresh ground pepper.  For the record, none of those are veggies either.  In the basket it all went, and onto the grill with the chicken breasts.

After about 45 minutes on the grill it was all done and ready for final prep.  Three of the breasts were chopped into small pieces and combined with the veggie mix and covered with Trader Joe’s Yellow Curry sauce.  A quick stir, and the final result was spooned over brown rice.  Before I could take pictures, it began to disappear before my eyes.  This batch was better than the last two times I made this, and will soon make its way to the recipe section.

No rain on today’s parade (or the BBQ), and I have leftover spicy breasts for lunch tomorrow.  What more could someone ask for?

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