Scary Combinations

by zydecopaws on June 5, 2009


Another Pinochle Night has rolled around, and this one snuck up on a couple of us that have been rather preoccupied with work recently.  Fearing disaster due to swamped-coworker-whose-turn-it-was-to-cook, I volunteered to help out with the meal.  And then I made my usual mistake; I asked what he wanted me to cook.  Let me just say there is something frightening about 4 guys sitting around a table for 6 hours playing cards and eating ribs, beans, and who knows what other gas-producing foods that will show up.  With that thought in mind, I added a mini bacon explosion knock-off to the menu.  Might as well go all out…

I started the ribs a little before noon after letting them sit in the rub for at least 2 hours.  I had the WSM running at about 225°F-230°F for the entire cook, and they were ready to come off and be foiled a little before 3:00.  I separated them, through them in a foil pan, covered them with more foil, and stuck them in a dry cooler where they stayed until it was time to eat (around 5:00).  A few of them managed to escape this process and find their way into the hands (and stomach) of my lovely wife (who distracted me with her new bathing suit while snagging an end piece).  She declared them fit to eat, so I knew that there would be no problems later tonight.

The mini bacon explosion knock off was inspired by both the original Bacon Explosion and some miniature versions that have shown up lately.   I didn’t feel like defrosting any sausage and I had some leftover pulled pork in the refrigerator, so the creativity and laziness kicked in and the knock off was born.  I started with a bacon weave using 1/2 strips of bacon set aside from the pile that was cooked for the beans.  I then mixed up some of the pulled pork, shredded mozzarella cheese, onions, and peppers for the stuffing.  I topped that with some Rib Rub, rolled it up in the bacon weave, and put it on the WSM with the ribs.  It was pulled off at the same time as the ribs, and disappeared shortly thereafter.  I don’t know how it compares to a real bacon explosion (because I haven’t done one yet), but it was pretty tasty, enough so to obtain the seal of approval from the wife.  Sorry to say that none of this made it to Pinochle Night for second opinions.  In fact, it was all gone before the kids got home from school, and made me consider taking a nap in the afternoon.  Good stuff…

And then there were the beans.  Once again, I trotted out the smoker beans recipe and put the pot under the ribs to catch all those tasty drippings that fall off during the cooking process.  This makes a horrible mess of the pot, but the resulting flavor of the beans makes the clean-up efforts completely worthwhile.  These were no exception; the beans were excellent, the pot was a mess.

The only thing left now is to survive the noxious gasses sure to be produced during the card game tonight; I doubt seriously that there will be any complaints about the food…

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