Saturday Night Special

by zydecopaws on June 6, 2009


Some days you cook things because other people ask you to.  My oldest daughter came over for dinner and (once again) I had made the mistake of asking what she wanted.  The answer (as it usually is) was Teriyaki Strips.  Now don’t get me wrong, I really like these, and tonight’s batch was really good.  But sometimes you just want to do something different.  So tonight, the kids didn’t get their wishes for trashbag potatoes fulfilled.


My excuse for not making trashbags was that the potatoes we had in the house were too small.  So I cut them into one-inch chunks, put them in a ziplock bag (we were out of produce bags) with an onion (also cut into one-inch chunks), some minced garlic, olive oil, Italian seasonings, and some chopped fresh cilantro.  Into the grill basket they went, and onto the grill (indirect) for about 45 minutes.  They turned out like home fries without all the grease and were a nice change of pace.  I’m guessing they were good; there sure weren’t any leftover…

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