BBQ Rules

by zydecopaws on June 10, 2009

Occasionally you run across things online that must be shared.  Here’s a video of someone who really understands what BBQ is all about, and isn’t afraid to share his thoughts with the world.

Classic stuff, and for those that don’t want to listen to the whole thing (you’re missing out if you don’t), here are a few of the highlights:

  • No boiling.  Anything.
  • No using the word oven and smoking in the same sentence
  • No Liquid Smoke
  • No Matchlight or other self-starting charcoal
  • Lighter Fluid is for starting trash piles on fire, not BBQ
  • Gas grills work well for lighting your charcoal in a chimney (if you take all the defusers out)
  • Don’t stick your thermometers in fat pockets or bones
  • Dome temps are not to be confused with grate temps
  • Have plenty of beer around
  • Don’t mash your burgers and steaks while grilling, and let them rest
  • Don’t sauce your meat until the last 30 minutes of smoking

There are some other wonderful tips in this video, and others by JB on YouTube.  Check him out; if nothing else, he’s fun to watch.

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