Chicken and Pineapple

by zydecopaws on June 10, 2009


Not to be confused with Pineapple Chicken (which now that I think about it will be on a future menu), tonight’s grill offering consisted of chicken breasts and pineapple.  Enough chicken was cooked for leftovers tomorrow, and the pineapple was for dessert.  And yes, other food was cooked in the house (string bean casserole, to be exact) so that we would have something resembling a balanced meal.  Well, sort of balanced; there were veggies in there somewhere…

The chicken received a light dusting of garlic salt, barbecue spice, and Montreal chicken seasoning (thanks McCormick) on each side, and were cooked indirectly (as always) on the Weber Performer.  After they came off, the grill got a quick cleaning and on went the pineapple, also cooked indirectly while we were in the house having the main course.  I considered cooking the pineapple directly tonight, but decided I’d rather have hot dinner than experiment with burning fruit.  Probably a good decision…

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