SCIOLY Award Dinner

by zydecopaws on June 12, 2009


My youngest daughter is a science geek, and proud of it.  For the past two years she has participated in the local Science Olympiad (SCIOLY) program at the middle school she attends.  Last year her team went to the State Competition; this year she was in a first-year program at the new middle school in the district and their team missed qualifying for State by one place in the Regional competition, placing higher than several teams that have competed for years.  These were outstanding results given it was the first year for the team and they had a lot fewer kids involved in the program.  Tonight was their awards dinner at the local regional park, and in keeping with tradition, I was on tap to cook all the meat.

There were about 50 people of all ages in attendance.  Much like Memorial Day, I trotted out a couple of the Platinum Smokey Joes, and since I was in charge of reserving the park and had to hang out most of the day to insure we had the shelter we reserved, drug along the newly-modified 18.5″ WSM.

On the menu was the obligatory hamburgers and hot dogs, and for a special treat I smoked up a huge batch of pulled chicken on the WSM.  To make a long story short, the meal was a huge success, the kids ran roughshod all over the park, the presentation of awards went well, and all in all everyone seemed to have a good time.

As for me, I got to take a day off, sit in the park, read, BBQ, listen to some Zydeco music, and generally unplug from the world.  It was an outstanding day.

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