Church of Que

by zydecopaws on June 25, 2009

High Feaster Hank Bob BBQ

High Feaster Hank Bob BBQ

I have been blessed by the High Feaster in the Church of Que (none other than the renowned Hank Bob BBQ, he of Redneck Cookin’ fame) with the use of 1,000 coals and given instructions to go forth and barbecue.  As part of the ordination ceremony, I promised to smite the sinners of faux BBQ and bring the misguided souls of crockpot cooking to the realization that what they do is NOT BBQ, regardless of how much sauce they put in it.

It appears that my duties in the Church of Que include a week-long period of contemplation in the smoke that I intend to satisfy during my upcoming vacation.  Watch for brisket burnt-end offerings, the revered MOINK and ABT (or not-ABT, as the case might be), as well as the other holy foods such as pulled pork, ribs, and chicken (and who knows, maybe even a pizza or two).  It’s going to be a good week, and along the way I intend to make some sinners repent their evil ways…

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