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by zydecopaws on July 9, 2009

One of these days I will get around to adding something to the FAQ around comments policy for the site.  Until then, let me go on record as saying we like comments here, but we like them better when they aren’t spammers, bots, or irrelevant posts.  In short, if there isn’t a reasonable facsimile of an identifiable human being at the other end of the comment, it ain’t gonna get by the spam filters and comments moderator (me).  It might get posted briefly by mistake, but since I read all the comments on the site at some point it has to get by me.

Again, we like comments on our posts, even if they aren’t the most appreciative or flattering.  What the heck, we even enjoy a good argument or flaming now and then, especially when we deserve it, and we are all for freedom of speech and expression.  Although we require an email address to post, we don’t use it, share it, or expose it to the world.  Commenters can make up their own monikers (most do) or simply provide their first name.  We’re pretty friendly around here most of the time (unless you come bringing Faux Que, then the gloves come off).

Which brings us to Facebook.  We don’t do Facebook at No Excuses BBQ, but have nothing against those who do.  However, if you are going to use your Facebook URL and/or email address we really can’t verify who you are since we don’t have an account and don’t intend to get one.  Further, we don’t expect our other readers to get one, and if we can’t verify the links, we simply toss out the comments.  Sorry, but that’s life.  Get over it.  Or leave us a URL that everyone has access to without exposing our personal information and constantly changing privacy rules.  The same thing goes for any other sites that require registration to view; we don’t like bait and switch and we won’t tolerate it or promote it here.

We do have a tendency to tweet now and then.  Feel free to follow us @noexcusesbbq and see what kind of nonsense goes on in the Twittersphere.  If nothing else you can watch us in our never-ending battle against the promoters of the evil Faux Que.  Just to be fair, some of the Faux Que looks like real tasty food; just don’t call it BBQ and we are fine with it.

Thanks for listening, and we now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…

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