BBQ Sauce Review

by zydecopaws on July 15, 2009

The folks over at DraftMag took a break from beer tasting to review a LOT of BBQ sauces. If you get a chance, drop on by their site and check out what they had to say.

Some like it hot: DRAFT BBQ extravaganza, part one

Notice that they mention part one in the title. They appear to be making a similar effort with rubs, so check back again in the near future to see what they think of those…

Our personal favorite (Sweet Baby Ray’s Original) isn’t on the list. That might have something to do with it not being real spicy, but we generally take care of that with rubs (or just loads of cayenne). On the other hand, it is more of an everyday sort of sauce (read cheap, available locally) which is perfect for us since we BBQ so often.

Having said that, BBQ is not about the sauce. A large portion of what we cook never gets touched by sauce at the table…

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