Leftovers for lunch

by zydecopaws on July 15, 2009

Today I had a hankering for spring rolls but didn’t have the necessary ingredients in the house. Not to mention that the refrigerator is still suffering leftovers overload from all the recent cooking.

But thanks to an active imagination, some fresh butter lettuce from a friend’s garden (thanks LizBob!), and a desire to eat nothing resembling a sandwich I was able to come up with a reasonable substitute for spring rolls. Enter Pulled Chicken Lettuce Wraps.


These were dead simple to make; I heated up the rest of the pulled chicken (about a cup) in the microwave and added about a teaspoon of Hoisin sauce to it. The chicken was then wrapped in individual butter lettuce leaves and eaten like spring rolls.

They were very tasty, extremely easy to make (assuming you have leftover pulled chicken), and disappeared in a hurry. Made for a nice low-carb lunch…

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