More Pyromid Madness

by zydecopaws on July 27, 2009

Today was hot. As in over 100°F hot, and air conditioning is something we don’t have. We usually get about 3 or 4 days of this kind of hot per year; the weather forecast is saying we are going to get them all this week, with a high of 105°F predicted for tomorrow or Wednesday.

The last thing I wanted to do on a day like today is heat up the house cooking, or for that matter, add to the heat outside. So I pulled out the Pyromid grill again and fired up 4 briquettes, using a few slivers of fatwood rather than the firestarter sticks. The grill got a little dirtier than I care for from the fatwood (it’s essentially pine with a lot of pitch), but it scrubbed off the grill fairly easily.

First up on the menu was some onions and peppers in foil, sprinkled with a bit of EVOO, a dash of sea salt, and some fresh ground pepper.


The foil pouch went on the grill while the fatwood was still burning, so it got a bit smokey on the bottom. Next up was a piece of salmon with some salt and pepper and a light dusting of Mrs. Dash seasoning mix.


The whole dinner was done in less than 10 minutes of cooking time. The fish was finished with a drizzle of hoisin sauce and a couple of drops of chipotle Tabasco, and served with some reheated brown rice.


The best part of this meal (other than the taste) was minimal cleanup afterwards and about 10 minutes spend outside in the heat. The only heat from cooking was opening and closing the door going in and out of the house, so as long as I can hang out in the living room with the fan on I should survive today’s heat wave.

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