Hobo Dinner

by zydecopaws on July 30, 2009

Growing up, some of my earliest memories are of my father firing up the grill in the backyard. He never did any cooking in the house, but outdoors he knew his way around a BBQ grill. One of his specialties was something he used to refer to as Hobo Dinner.

Hobo Dinner (also known as Hobo Stew, Foil Dinner, and Foil Stew) is more of a technique and mindset than a recipe, and can be cooked over just about any type of fire. Essentially, you take whatever ingredients you have on hand, chop them up, wrap them in heavy duty foil with some spices and a little liquid, and throw them on a fire somewhere just long enough to cook thoroughly.

Following tradition, I chopped up some fresh veggies and a piece of hickory smoked sausage that had been sitting unwrapped in the refrigerator since last Christmas. Into the foil with the sausage went a small potato, a carrot, a couple of mini bell peppers, some red cabbage, a small Roma tomato, and 1/4 of an onion.


The mix was then sprinkled lightly with some salt and pepper, a drizzle of olive oil, and a small splash of red wine. The foil was tightly wrapped, and put on the modified Smokey Joe Platinum, using the remainder of the charcoal leftover from the great smoking experiment. No sense in wasting perfectly good coals…


As you can see, the foil is right over the coals. We’ve done this while camping by putting the foil directly in a campfire; I do recommend it be placed on or in the coals and not directly in the flame.

Since the sausage was already pre-cooked, it only took about 20 minutes for the potato and carrot chunks to soften up, and for the juices to circulate.


The results were pretty much as I remembered; unique to this particular foil pouch, filling, and very tasty. The variations on this are endless, and limited only by your imagination, supplies on hand, and your particular taste bud’s likes and dislikes…

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