Not Beanie-Weenies

by zydecopaws on August 4, 2009

The other day a bunch of us were sitting around calling each other old geezers and reminiscing about foods we ate growing up back in the dark ages before microwaves were invented. Somebody brought up beanie-weenies and images of cheap hotdogs in nasty tomato sauced pork and beans. Ah, the childhood memories that brought back.

Rather than go see a therapist to remove the mental pictures burning in my brain, I cooked up a modern-day batch of something similar for dinner tonight. However, instead of the traditional version, some chicken sausages stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and provolone cheese were put on the middle of the grill and served up with some foiled onions and peppers and doctored Bush’s beans (onion, peppers, mustard, SBR’s BBQ sauce, and some molasses).


I slapped a bit of brown mustard over the sausages, added a Guiness Stout for some liquid calories, and dinner was served.


Once again, the leftovers will be eaten for lunch tomorrow assuming they make it that far. And the best part is that nasty beanie-weenie image is fading fast…

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