Of fatties, burgers, and beans

by zydecopaws on August 12, 2009

Oldest daughter came over for dinner and to keep me company again tonight, so I let her pick the menu from an ever-diminishing supply of meat in the freezer. She decided she wanted upscale (smoked) burgers and left the rest of the menu up to me.

No point in firing up the WSM for a couple of burgers, so a fatty went on the menu, and under it all, some smoked beans to catch all the drippings. Tonight’s fatty was made up of Jimmy Dean Hot sausage (2 of them) and stuffed with bacon, mozzarella cheese, and onions and mushrooms sauteed in the bacon grease and deglazed with a bit of white wine.


The WSM was fired up with a small load of Kingsford blue bag and some apple smoke wood. The beans went in the bottom, and the fatty was positioned right over the top so all the drippings would go somewhere useful, rather than in the water pan.


Two hours and a couple of conference calls later, the fatty was done. HankBobBBQ, this one was done in your honor and lived up to your lofty standards. I’m not gonna save any for you, but I promise to make another just like it if you ever get out to our neck of the woods.


Even without any additional rub or spices (I sort of forgot to put any on; darn distracting conference calls) this was one of the better fatties I’ve made. The fillings were done to perfection, there was a nice light smoke ring, and the flavor was outstanding.


Burgers went on the grill when the fatty came off. These were serious burgers, 1/2 pound each before cooking. They were lightly dusted with salt, pepper, granulated garlic, and some mesquite grilling spice. Once again, placement on the grill was made to maximize drippings into the beans.


The burgers were done in about 45 minutes and everything got pulled off the grill. The beans were especially tasty but a bit on the soupy side as they weren’t on the WSM as long as normal.


The burgers were also good. Personally, I’d rather have them smoked than grilled.


There’s something funny about seeing a fast food commercial on the TV while you’re eating one of these where you have a bun that looks to be about an inch and a half thick on top, covering an inch and a half of salad, followed by a 1/4 inch pressed burger on a 1/2 inch bun bottom. By comparison, these had 1/2 inch buns top and bottom (we used the skinny whole wheat Oroweat thins tonight) and maybe 1/2 inch of fixings with over an inch and a half burger. If one of these ever got on the TV a lot of fast food restaurants might go out of business overnight…

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