Shrimp on the Barbie

by zydecopaws on August 16, 2009

… and chicken and zucchini too. No low and slow tonight, this meal was all about heat and speed. Except for the rice cooked in the house, everything was put directly over the coals and done in just a few minutes.

The shrimp was peeled, skewered, and hit with a Cajun butter (melted butter and Bayou Cajun seasoning mix) and was on the grill for maybe a total of 3 minutes (4 at the most). The chicken was strips of breast meat skewered and sprinkled with granulated garlic, pepper, and chili powder. The zucchini was a monster from LizBob’s garden (dwarfed by the beasts the spousal unit brought home from church today) sliced lengthwise and lightly coated with EVOO, garlic salt, and pepper. It all made for an interesting combination on the Performer.


Just taking pictures was a challenge tonight as the food was cooked so quickly. One thing about grilling, you gotta pay attention to what you are doing. The results were about the only other picture worth showing.


There were a couple of lessons to be learned from todays cook. First, don’t forget to soak the skewers in water before using them on such a hot grill. It’s been awhile since I skewered anything, and the lesson was pretty obvious the first time I pulled the lid off to turn the chicken.

The second lesson was to make any sauces that are to be served at the meal before anything goes on the grill, especially those you haven’t made before and need to find a recipe. The peanut sauce I whipped up at the last minute for the chicken was good, but it wasn’t anything at all like what we get when we go out for Thai food.

But it all didn’t matter, because the family is back home from vacation and they all enjoyed the meal in spite of the burned skewer ends and the funky peanut butter sauce.

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