Hey Pigdog look, it’s steak!

by zydecopaws on August 17, 2009

Yesterday I was interrupted in the middle of prepping to cook the shrimp and chicken by a phone call from my buddy Pigdog. The call went something like this…

Pigdog: “Hey, I’m finally breaking in the BBQ you gave me and I need some help. I got some steaks that have been marinating for a couple of days (!) and I need to know how to cook them. I went to your web site and it appears you don’t ever cook steaks.”

Me: “Of course I cook steaks. You just didn’t look very closely. But since you are calling for a BBQ consultation rather than Tech Support, I’ll tell you what to do.”

At which point, I gave him full instructions on how to distribute the charcoal, adjust the vents, and how to direct grill the steaks (time, turns, and how to check them without a meat thermometer, a device I’m pretty sure he doesn’t own). And then (after a brief moment of indignation) I got to thinking it was time to cook a steak again, if for no other reason than to prove I do this once in awhile.

So following a visit to the local Costco, I was armed with the essentials for a nice ribeye steak dinner. Gotta have taters with steak, so I quartered some gold potatoes, covered them with some EVOO and a liberal coating of granulated garlic and Bayou Cajun spice mix. On the grill they went (away from the flames).


The ribeyes were marinated with splashes of Worcestershire, soy sauce, and white wine, and then topped with some fresh ground pepper and rosemary.


The Performer was running hot tonight and the whole cook took about 30 minutes, 20 of which was for the potatoes. I paired up the food from the grill with a mix of cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions in vinegar, and dinner was served.


I don’t know how Pigdog’s steaks turned out last night, but I know these were darn good eatin’. Thanks for the idea buddy!

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