Don’t know who Mary is…

by zydecopaws on August 29, 2009

… but we had more than a little lamb today. In fact, we smoked a whole (boneless) leg. The leg of lamb was released from the silly hairnet they package it in and sprinkled with granulated garlic, sea salt, fresh ground pepper, and dried rosemary. Hey, maybe that’s the Mary in the rhyme…


On the WSM it went with the vents wide open, no water in the pan, and a side of foil (with string beans inside). After about 2 hours, the neighbors were looking to see what smelled so good, and even Cocoa the BBQ dog wanted in on the action.


This was the first time string beans in foil (with the usual onions, mushrooms, and seasonings) had been done in the smoker. Other than a dirtier-than-usual package, they turned out pretty good. The watermelon was good as well…


The lamb was excellent. And might have been the inspiration for the following rhyme I learned as a child:

Mary had a little lamb,
A lobster and some prunes,
A glass of milk, a piece of pie,
And then some macaroons.

It made the naughty waiters grin
To see her order so.
And when they carried Mary out,
Her face was white as snow.

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