Pigdog Pandemonium

by zydecopaws on September 5, 2009

Pigdog and the gang came over tonight, and pandemonium ensued, which always seems to happen when you get 5 kids between 7 and 14 together in one house. Add one over-active 7-month old 60+ pound puppy, and quiet is something that doesn’t happen.

The grill menu was some old standby’s tonight; teriyaki strips, trashbag potatoes, and grilled bananas for dessert. Loading up the OTG to feed 9 hungry people was a bit of a challenge, but one that was met.


Our timing couldn’t have been better. It started to rain right about the time everything came off the grill (except the bananas, which went on while we were eating the main course (which looked something like this).


A great time was had by all judging from all the yelling and screaming. I just hope the neighbors aren’t too angry we didn’t invite them as well…

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