When chicken tastes like bacon

by zydecopaws on September 10, 2009

Tonight I spatchcocked a chicken for the first time. Ever. Not real difficult; you basically cut out the backbone from whole chicken and then spread it out as if it were butterflied. So what’s the big deal?

Then I cooked it and found out. Somehow the marinating process combined with the cooking process and the wine-oak smoke wood from GreenLeaf BBQ managed to turn out an incredible tasting chicken. With skin that tasted surprisingly like bacon. And this on top of the fact that I removed it too soon (didn’t remember the correct internal temp for chicken and didn’t refer to the temperature chart) and after cutting into it realized immediately that it had to spend more time on the grill. Here’s a picture of what it looked like right before pulling it off the first time (when it still looked pretty).


So after spending some more time on the grill and reaching a more desirable level of doneness, off it came and boy were we surprised! My wife took a bite of the skin and the first words out of her mouth were “it tastes like bacon.” Knowing how much she likes bacon, I figured that this couldn’t be bad, even though it seemed a bit weird. Then I got a taste for myself and stopped caring about how weird it seemed, and focused on how good it tasted. Oh, and it really didn’t look that bad even after being returned to the grill.


The carrots were tasty as well; they were sliced up and thrown in a pot with a splash of white wine, a hefty slab of butter, a small amount of brown sugar, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. They were cooked on the grill directly over the coals for about 30 minutes.

Back to the bacon-flavored chicken. I have to believe that what we were tasting was largely a result of the wine-oak smoke flavor. All I can say is that it was a unique taste that I seriously hope I can replicate in the future. In case you missed my last post about this, you can find the wood at GreenLeaf BBQ. Run out and buy some (or simply order it online if you don’t happen to live in the Turlock CA area). Don’t forget to tell them that No Excuses BBQ sent you; we don’t make any money off of this, but we will gladly take any more free samples he sends us for future BBQs…

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