Basic babybacks

by zydecopaws on September 13, 2009

Today marked the return of football season (at least on Sundays) and what better way to celebrate than to smoke up some babyback ribs. And because a quick review of recent rib cooks showed a lot of messing around with spares, a variety of rubs, and different sauces and glazes I figured it was time to return to the basics and whip up a batch of basic rib rub for a return to some good old spicy eating.

About the only thing different about this particular batch was use of some more of the wine-oak smoke wood from GreenLeaf BBQ rather than the apple I prefer for pork ribs. Oh yes, and the twice-smoked taters.


Pictures today weren’t the best; that’s what I get for using the iPhone on a cloudy day instead of a camera with a flash. The taters went on the smoker shortly after the ribs, and came off about a half hour before the ribs were done. The insides were scooped out and then mashed with some minced garlic, butter, milk, salt, and pepper. The result was returned to the skins, sprinkled with paprika and a little more salt and pepper, and put back on the smoker.


Since the ribs were done by the time I was done fooling around with the taters, they were pulled and covered in foil to keep warm. The taters cooked for about another 20 minutes, were then covered in shredded sharp cheddar cheese, and pulled from the grill after about another 5 minutes (long enough for the cheese to melt).


The results? The ribs were spicy and were a bit different than usual due to the wine-oak instead of apple smoke wood, but pretty good nonetheless. I wouldn’t consider doing them this way for a competition, and I’m guessing that most of our friends would have trouble with the amount of heat, but they were definitely the way I like them. The taters received rave reviews from the female contingent, but for some reason the bottomless pit (my 7 year old son) didn’t like them. Personally that doesn’t bother me, as it leaves more leftovers for me and his tastes are questionable anyway (he is the only member of the family that doesn’t like avocados and guacamole).

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