Stick it to me baby

by zydecopaws on September 18, 2009

Tonight’s theme was “food poked with bamboo.” Although the taters avoided being stuck in the eye with a sharp stick, just about everything else got burned at the stake. Well, actually, only the stakes got burnt, and since we aren’t talking beef here, that wasn’t a major problem.


On the grill we see the larger variation of trashbag taters (made tonight with Cajun seasoning rather than traditional recipe), and skewers of chicken (Montreal chicken and Cajun seasoning), shrimp (basted with Cajun butter), sweet onion slices, mini bell peppers, and some small tomatoes.


It all made for a colorful plate of good eatin’. For good measure, when all of this came off the grill I threw on some pineapple to cook for dessert.


SWMBO made up some homemade chocolate syrup, and together with some vanilla ice cream we had us some grilled pineapple sundaes.


Not bad for a Friday night, and a great start to the weekend.

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