Conned into Curry

by zydecopaws on September 21, 2009

I normally don’t cook on Mondays if I can help it. Tonight I got conned into it in a moment of inattention. I heard something about “brown rice and chicken”, and the next thing you know I find myself signed up to make curry on the BBQ.

My response to this was to try something different and spice up the meal a bit just to see what would happen. I chopped up the usual onions, carrots, potatoes, and peppers, then spiced them up with some salt, pepper, curry powder, and dried basil before they went in the grill basket. Then I hit the chicken breasts with some of the same and added a shot of cayenne pepper just for grins. On the grill it all went.


The curry sauce tonight was courtesy of Trader Joe’s, and was their Thai Yellow Curry house brand. The chicken was chopped, it all went in a bowl, and on went the curry sauce. We served it up over that brown rice that started the whole thing.


For a con job, it turned out pretty good. I think we’ve all decided that this particular variety of TJ’s curry sauce is our favorite; certainly nothing happened tonight that would change our minds about it. Not bad for a Monday when I didn’t intend to cook…

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