Chicken that didn’t taste like bacon

by zydecopaws on September 26, 2009

Tonight the spatchcock chicken didn’t taste like bacon, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. The marinade was different, as was the smoke mixture, so I really didn’t expect it to taste like it did the last time we did this. The marinade consisted of apple juice, white wine, salt, pepper, sage, and basil.


The foil packets contained string beans with onions, and mushroom slices with butter, garlic, and a dash of wine. Russet potatoes were sliced in half, salt, pepper, and butter applied, wrapped in foil, and stuck down in the bottom of the WSM.


We’re at the lake this weekend and I left my primary camera at home again, so the pictures suffered from the shadows. The meal, however, didn’t…


Not bad for a day where the winds were gusting up to 35mph. The old-style WSM performed like a champ; no surprises there.

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