Bubba Ho-Keg has landed

by zydecopaws on October 4, 2009

The newest addition to the No Excuses BBQ stable arrived during the week and was finally released from the packing materials today. Say hello to Bubba Ho-Keg (as called by the spousal unit who watches a lot of obscure movies).


The unboxing, assembly, and seasoning process took up a fair part of the afternoon. 30 minutes of the time were a result of having to source a replacement screw for one of the tool holders; the head on one of the originals had some metal in the screw slot that refused to be picked out. It’s difficult to put a phillips head screwdriver in a screw that only has 1/4 of the slot open. Other than that, the Bubba Keg Convection Grill (proper name, BKCG for short) went together pretty much as advertised. And yes, I actually did read and follow the instructions in spite of my reputation for doing otherwise.

Seasoning took about 90 minutes, during which I had a chance to see how Bubba Ho-Keg responded to constant monkeying around with vents and other general fooling around. By this time it was late in the afternoon and nothing had been taken out of the freezer for dinner. The spousal unit came to the rescue and made a trip to the local Papa Murphy’s, so the inaugural cook on Bubba Ho-Keg was pizza.

So in went two handfuls of lump charcoal (Cowboy; that’s all I could find at the local hardware stores yesterday), a new stone on the top grill, and 15 minutes later I was ready to cook.


The first pizza was a bit crispy around the edges, but other than that was done in 15 minutes. The family size is bigger than the stone, so I suggested in the future we get the large if we aren’t making our own.


The second pizza was removed from the paper tray at 10 minutes and then of the grill at the 13 minute mark. This is a big change from pizza on the Weber kettles; not only is the pizza done quicker, the crusts are crispier (which we like).


By the time the third pizza went on the grill, the smaller pieces of the lump charcoal were pretty much gone and the grill temperature had dropped below 400°F. The pizza paper was removed at the 10 minute mark, and the pizza removed at the 17 minute mark. As you can see from the pictures, the crust is browned, but nowhere near as dark as the first two pizzas. Still, this is the first time we have done three pizzas in one cook, and with only two handfuls of lump. If nothing else, charcoal should last a lot longer with this grill than the Webers.

All in all, a satisfying first cook on Bubba Ho-Keg. Stay tuned for more adventures in cooking on the oversized beer keg grill.

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