Bubba Ho-Keg ribeye

by zydecopaws on October 6, 2009

Tonight the Bubba Ho-Keg maiden cruise continued. On the grill: ribeye steaks sprinkled with soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, and some Kirkland Mesquite Grill seasoning mix, and accompanied by some stuffed bell peppers. Made for a colorful sight on the grill…


The peppers were stuffing was made by chopping up the tops of each pepper and sauteing them in a splash of EVOO with some red onion. Once the onions and peppers were softened, in went a chopped tomato, some crumbled bacon, basil, a dash of salt, about a teaspoon of ketchup, and some pre-cooked brown rice. They went on the top shelf of the grill to start with, but after one fell over they were moved to the basket. In retrospect, next time around I will cut them in half through the stem so that they are more stable and can sit on the grill. The char you see on the one pepper is from leaning up next to the top of the grill basket.

The steaks turned out real nice. The cast iron grill on the BKCG is much better at putting grill marks on the steaks than the stainless steel grates on the Weber kettles. They cooked faster as well, as I was able to crank the heat up in the 650°F range, something you really have to work hard to do on a Weber kettle.


Once again, the pictures don’t really do justice to the meal. The kids raved about the steaks, and at least one of them really liked the peppers.


Cooking on Bubba Ho-Keg is going to take awhile to get used to. The results tonight were outstanding, which also describes how I spent the majority of this cook. As in, out standing near the grill in fear of burning the food at the high temperatures. It’s going to take awhile before the comfort level I have with the Webers kicks in and allows me to relax while the food is cooking…

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