Pork fajitas again

by zydecopaws on October 9, 2009

The pork fajitas from last week were so good they went on the menu again tonight, if for no other reason than so my family could enjoy them.

About the only difference from last week was this batch wasn’t as colorful (green bell peppers instead of orange and yellow, and white onions instead of red).


The beans were a bit different as well, but that isn’t unusual. I followed the tried-and-true method of opening a couple of random cans, throwing a bunch of stuff in that is on hand and sounds good, and putting them on the grill to cook. How’s that for an easy to follow recipe?


Same butterfly treatment of some pork tenderloins, same spices, same marinade, pretty much the same results (happy people at the dinner table).


As you can see, no Bubba Ho-Keg tonight. We drove to the lake in a vehicle with no receiver hitch, so bringing it along wasn’t an option this time. And no, this isn’t the post I promised regarding the pros, cons, and buying criteria for Bubba Ho-Keg. You’ll just have to stay tuned… 😉

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