Better late than never

by zydecopaws on October 11, 2009

I committed a cardinal sin yesterday, at least as it relates to my blogging processes. I cooked outdoors, took pictures, then got distracted last night and didn’t post an update. So the Bubba Keg pros and cons post is just going to have to wait.

Yesterday was a beautiful day at the lake. Even the dog was interested in what was on the grill.


What was on the grill was spatchcock chicken (that tasted like chicken instead of bacon), baked potatoes (in the foil with butter, salt, and pepper), and green beans with onions (in the bean pot, of course).


The finished product was partly responsible for the lateness of the post. I ate so much of it that it was hard to stay awake after dinner.


For those of you that keep coming back for the Bubba Keg review, stay tuned; I suspect it will happen either later today or tomorrow…

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