Multicultural Chicken

by zydecopaws on October 14, 2009

Now that you have seen dessert, I guess it’s only fair I show you the rest of the meal. Tonight was what I will call Multicultural Chicken Breasts, as there was a clear mix of flavors from the spice cabinet.


The chicken breasts were sprinkled with Montreal Chicken and Bayou Cajun seasoning mixes, then cooked over a mesquite fire. A little French Canadian, a little Cajun, and some Texas smoke wood on Bubba Ho-Keg made for a juicy and tasty entree.


Fresh carrots were also cooked on the BKCG; they were sliced and given a splash of white wine, wine vinaigrette, and a bit of butter, then cooked long enough (about 25 minutes at 400°F) to soften but still have some bite to them (I abhor mushy vegetables). A little brown rice, and dinner was served.


Again, no complaints at dinner, and there are leftovers for lunches tomorrow. All in all, another good evening spent with Bubba Ho-Keg. I guess I will forgive it the overcooked brisket from yesterday

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