Who said I didn’t cook this weekend?

by zydecopaws on October 19, 2009

Actually, I did, but once again got distracted by something shiny and didn’t post about it right away. Must have been something in the rain…

On the grill? Country style pork ribs (which aren’t) and sweet potatoes (and a lot of them).


Did I mention the rain? We had liquid sunshine leaking from the skies on and off most of the weekend. But then again, this is the Pacific NorthWet, so that is expected. So Bubba Ho-Keg needed a hat; this time I pulled out some old camping equipment and a piece of expanded metal left over from another project for his new rain chapeau.


This one may look funny, but was actually more practical than the terra cotta hat as it allowed things to vent properly and gave ready access to adjust things when needed. Not to mention the multi-tool fit nicely in the pot handle bracket and made it easy to pull off the top for opening. Now if I can just shake the feeling that I was being watched by a robot from Disney’s The Black Hole…


Overall, the temps were easier to manage and I was able to keep them down in the 250°F range for most of the cook. Either I’m getting better at this or the new hat helped. I’d still like to get a diffuser as the ribs cooked faster than expected and had a few charred places. Didn’t stop us from eating them; they were rubbed with some of my basic rib rub then glazed with Hoisin Sauce about 10 minutes before removal.


The finished product was very tasty, and when paired with some green stuff made for a nice meal.

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