Spicy Teriyaki Chicken Thighs

by zydecopaws on October 20, 2009

Happy Quesday, it was spicy teriyaki chicken thighs and more sweet potatoes on Bubba Ho-Keg tonight.


The boneless, skinless chicken thighs were sprinkled with some basic rib rub (I think I mentioned it wasn’t just for ribs), cooked on the grill at 350°F for about 5 minutes per side, and then glazed with some Yoshida’s Gourmet Sauce and left on the grill for about another 5 minutes. The finished product looked something like this:


The results? Judge for yourself, and keep in mind that I’m a better cook than photographer…


The green bean casserole was courtesy of the spousal unit, and once again she outdid herself with what is a holiday dish for most folks, but we get to eat at least once a month or so. All in all, not bad for a weekday meal.

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