Trick or tenderloin

by zydecopaws on October 31, 2009

Halloween BBQs have become a tradition around our house, and tonight was no different. The kids went trick-or-treating yesterday at an event in town, so tonight there were no tricks, just tenderloin. Stuffed pork tenderloin, to be exact. And to round off the meal, Bubba Ho-Keg was loaded up with sweet potatoes and fresh string beans.


The sweet potatoes and green beans were done early, as I got distracted carving pumpkins and didn’t get the meat together as soon as I should have. They actually came off shortly after this picture was taken and had to be reheated in the microwave right before dinner (40 minutes later). The pork was stuffed with cream cheese and a mixture of fresh apple, dried apricots, and dried blueberries soaked in white wine. After a bit of applied bondage, the tenderloins were sprinkled on the outside with a liberal dose of Bayou Cajun Seasoning mix.


Normally I slice these pretty thin and roll them up; tonight I left them a little thicker and put two together with the stuffing between. Next time I go back to the original plan so that I don’t end up with too much cream cheese and something that falls apart when you slice it.


In spite of what it looked like on the plate, it still tasted pretty good. And there are plenty of leftovers for later…

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