No excuses, but I forgot a cable…

by zydecopaws on November 13, 2009

Pigdog was over for dinner on Wednesday, and although I was tempted to serve up some fish, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, I resisted temptation and dodged rainstorms at the lake to cook up a Santa Maria style tri-tip on the OTG. For good measure I surrounded it with some humongous russet potatoes that were perfect for baking.


Fresh cabbage slaw was provided to fill up the rest of the plate, and what a meal we had. Pictures were taken, and we dug in to eat.


Then as usual, after dinner I sat down to write this post and discovered that I forgot to pack the USB cable for the camera. This doesn’t quite qualify as “no pictures, didn’t happen” but I wasn’t about to write a post about the meal and take grief over it. So with my humble apologies, here is a two-day late post, courtesy of a misplaced cable…

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