Leftover leftovers

by zydecopaws on December 2, 2009

Tonight we dealt with dual leftovers. It was time to use up the rest of the Thanksgiving leftovers while at the same time purposely making some new ones for lunch. So Bubba Ho-Keg was loaded up with some chicken breasts dusted with fresh ground pepper, Bayou Cajun seasoning mix, and some paprika.


The rest of the sweet potatoes and green bean casserole were given the nuclear treatment in the microwave, and the wife whipped up some quick mushroom gravy with some mushroom soup, milk, fresh mushrooms, and a dash of soy and Worcestershire sauces.


It doesn’t get much easier than this, and was all done in less than 30 minutes as well. Good thing, because the TV set blew up right before dinner and the process of getting a new one began tonight…

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