Burst pipe pizza, or what to do with wet charcoal

by zydecopaws on December 12, 2009

It’s been cold here lately; you’ve probably heard me complain about it recently. Last night we had a water pipe freeze and burst above the garage. Fortunately it happened shortly after we got home from a benefit concert. Water poured all over the garage, but we were able to get it shut off before too much damage was done. However, not sure I’ll be able to save my stash of charcoal…


It a good thing I moved a stack of blue bag to the lake last time I went out there, and it’s also a good thing that it’s the off-season and I don’t stock up unless there is a sale. And there haven’t been any.

Surprisingly enough, the Cowboy lump stayed pretty dry, dry enough for a couple of pizzas in Bubba Ho-Keg.


I was informed on Twitter that I should consider sacrificing some meat to the gods of low and slow; that wasn’t going to happen tonight as getting the water back on and cleaning up the mess was the priority. And yes, these were Papa Murphy’s pizzas.


The good news is the pipes are fixed, the water is back on, and no one went hungry (although several of us are pretty stinky from no showers). A big chunk of gratitude goes out to my buddy Shane from Jatak Construction for getting out here and getting the water back on so quickly. He also got to meet Bubba Ho-Keg; next time, he’ll have to show up when nothing needs fixing and some real BBQ is on the menu.

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