If it smells like fish…

by zydecopaws on January 13, 2010

… it probably is. Salmon. And shrimp. With spicy stuff, and grilled on Bubba Ho-Keg.


The salmon filets were sprinkled with Bayou Cajun seasoning mix, granulated garlic, red chili powder, and cayenne pepper. The shrimp was brushed with a mixture of melted butter, white wine, red chili powder, and cayenne pepper. Talk about a quick meal, this all took about 10 minutes total to cook, and the only reason it took that long is because the salmon was still partly frozen when it went on the grill. The shrimp took about 3 minutes per side with the grill running in the 350-400°F range (I was using up leftover lump from the pork chops and didn’t bother to wait around while it heated up more in fear of it burning out too quickly).


Side dishes tonight included the ever-present brown rice (we really like this stuff) and a variation of cabbage slaw that used balsamic and red raspberry vinegars instead of the usual apple cider vinegar. This was a great choice for a day where it rained most of the day and only cleared up right before the grill was fired. Sometimes you just get lucky…

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