Pizza Dementia

by zydecopaws on January 24, 2010

No, we didn’t lose our minds over the pizza cooked on Bubba Ho-Keg tonight, but we did have some fun after dinner. The doctor was in tonight, something he does annually for his alma mater Reed College. Dr. Demento, that is…


Every year he shows up, does a few lectures/shows featuring some aspect of his career in radio and (of course) a nice sampling of the novelty videos and music he is so well known for. Every year we attempt to go to at least one of the nights; this year the wife got kitchen passes for the previous two nights while I corralled the kiddies, and last night we drug the whole family along for a retrospective of his career.

By now you’re likely wondering what all this has to do with barbecue, pizza, or the usual nonsense that we carry on about here. Well, that’s what I was asked to do (barbecue some pizza) rather than go out to eat. So, armed with a couple of bags of TJ’s pizza dough and a refrigerator full of potential pizza toppings, off I went to fire up Bubba Ho-Keg and make sure we had plenty of gas for the festivities.

First up was a sage sausage, mushroom, and olive pizza on an herb crust with homemade pizza sauce and sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese. As you can see from the picture, round is a shape I am still working on…


Next was a variation on a Hawaiian pizza; chopped pork loin (leftover from last night) was substituted for Canadian bacon. Beyond that, it was the standard ingredients (sauce, pineapple, and cheese) on a whole wheat crust.


All in all it was a very rewarding evening. Pizza and good times with family and an added bonus of the good doctor. Here’s hoping he comes back again next year…

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