Maybe I should have cooked some pork…

by zydecopaws on January 28, 2010

Occasionally we cook things that aren’t horribly fattening and actually show some semblance of things that might be good for you. Last night (yep, I’m behind in posting) was Cajun-style skinless chicken breasts and grilled carrot strips on Bubba Ho-Keg.


The chicken got the usual Cajun seasoning/chili powder/garlic spice mix, and the carrots received a veggie bag treatment (a la trashbag taters) of EVOO, fresh ground pepper, and ground basil. Broccoli was cooked in the house and rounded out the meal.


Looking back on things, maybe I should have considered the latest findings about pork prior to setting the menu. On the other hand, maybe those Argentinians just have too much grass-fed beef on the menu…

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